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Learn from over 1,000 daily streams

Theres a lot of streamers out there giving bad advice: “its a grind, stick with it” 
 Let me tell you what ACTUALLY WORKED for me, and what I learned over 1000 days.

Streaming Tips

Finding Success

Pre-dating the “1000 days” vid, this is a longer format video detailing many of the tips and tricks that helped me grow as a content creator.

Twitch Raids and You

Ever get raided then moments later a majority of those people have left? That is completely normal, and it is up to you to make those people WANT to return.

Keep your streams interactive

Keep your streams interactive and let viewers have fun at the expense of your face with this free software.

Twitch Raids and You

A quick tutorial using free software to make your music dance on the screen opening many possibilities in streams and videos!

Setup a Simple Stream Avatar

A guide to help bring some fun personality to your stream if webcams are not your cup of tea.

YouTube Class Recorded LIVE

Rendering in Davinci Resolve

A guide for content creators, how to render many projects in one go in davinci resolve.  I recently found how to do this and it has been life changing for my work flow.

Convert Twitch File Names

Have you struggled with downloading clips and videos from Twitch, but the files are named terribly? 
 Not anymore. Thanks to our community, we have a new tool that changes the file names back to the original name! 
 You can download the tool here:

Content Creator Q&A For May 2022

Episode 1 of the Content Creator Q & A.

Episode 2 of the Content Creator Q & A.

Episode 3 of the Content Creator Q & A.

Episode 4 of the Content Creator Q & A.

Episode 5 of the Content Creator Q & A.